Project Location Materials Category Client Area Year
Voukourestiou Athens, Greece Lacquered Wood, Tiles, Mirror Residential Private 90 m2 2023
Chaeronea, 2 August 338 BC Athens, Greece Wood, Glass Exhibition Design Museum of Cycladic Art 2023
WWF Greece Headquarters Athens, Greece Wood, Glass, Concrete Commercial WWF 1765 m2 2022
offAsklipiou Glyfada, Greece Wood, Terrazzo Residential Private 25 m2 2022
KALLOS. The Ultimate Beauty Athens, Greece Wood, Glass, Carpet Exhibition Design Museum of Cycladic Art 500 m2 2021
Fyrgani Sifnos, Greece Wood, Stone, Mortar Residential Private 58 m2 2021
Riga Fereou Metamorfosi, Greece Glass, Wood, Acoustic panels Commercial PHILOSOFISH S.A. 460 m2 2020
Surfside Montauk, USA Wood, Wallpaper, Tiles Residential Private 220 m2 2020
Chemin des Ecoliers Montreux, Switzerland Wood, Velvet, Bronze Residential Private 120 m2 2020
Atheato Skopelos, Greece Wood, Stone, Plaster Residential Private 300 m2 2020
Picasso and Antiquity: Line and Clay Athens, Greece Wood, Glass Exhibition Design Museum of Cycladic Art 250 m2 2019
Rigillis Athens, Greece Formica, Epoxy Residential Private 200 m2 2019
Voulis Athens, Greece Metal Retail Private 12 m2 2019
Omirou Athens, Greece Marble, Glass, Wood Commercial POTAMITISVEKRIS Law Firm 2500 m2 2019
Lollo’s Atene Athens, Greece Metal, Wood, Mosaic, Epoxy, Glass Hospitality SOSA Food services 140 m2 2018
WX line Athens, Greece Wood, Brass, Formica Object AKA project 2018
Karneadou Athens, Greece Wood, Tiles, Cement Residential Private 180 m2 2018
Poseidonos Athens, Greece Wood, Metal, Glass, Plants Commercial Private 230 m2 2018
Chrysospiliotissis Athens, Greece Wood, Glass Invited Competition Prodea Investments 2018
Stisichorou Athens, Greece Wood Commercial AKA project 60 m2 2018
Ivis Varkiza, Greece Wood, Marble Residential Private 60 m2 2017
Platonos Piraeus, Greece Wood, Metal, Fluted glass Commercial George Maronidis & Associates Law Offices 80 m2 2016
Eleimon Sifnos, Greece Wood, Cement Residential Private 150 m2 2016
Flying over the Abyss Athens, Greece Wood, Metal Exhibition Design NEON organization 2016
Ellenit Athens, Greece Metal Object The A.G. Leventis Foundation 2016
As One Athens, Greece Wood, Metal, Glass Exhibition Design NEON organization 7800 m2 2016
Tsangarada Pelion, Greece Wood, Tiles, Fabric, Metal Residential Private 160 m2 2015
Terrapolis Athens, Greece Metal, Glass, Tiles, Plywood Exhibition Design NEON organization 2015
Mario Merz Athens, Greece Wood, Metal Object NEON organization 2015
Lyre chair Athens, Greece Bamboo Object AKA project 2015
Boudoir line Athens, Greece Metal, Brass Object AKA project 2015
Tube Line Athens, Greece Steel, Glass Object AKA project 2015
NEON pavilion for Art Athina Athens, Greece Wood, Metal Object NEON organization 2014
Vamva Athens, Greece Wood, Tiles, Acoustic panels Commercial POTAMITISVEKRIS Law Firm 620 m2 2014
Aeroporon Athens, Greece Metal, Textured plaster Invited Competition Diana Shipping Inc. 1500 m2 2014
Den Piraeus, Greece Metal, Polycarbonate Commercial Private 10 m2 2014
48 Urban Garden Athens, Greece Brick, Metal, Wood, Plants Hospitality Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center 430 m2 2014
ReMap Info Point Athens, Greece Wood, Concrete, Rebar, Fabric, Plants Exhibition Design ReMap KM 185 m2 2013
Kapsali Athens, Greece Wood, Epoxy, Glass, Tiles Commercial POTAMITISVEKRIS Law Firm 1200 m2 2013
Olivier Athens, Greece Wood, Metal, Mirror, Varnish Residential Private