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Picasso and Antiquity: Line and Clay, 250m2

Athens, Greece , 2019

Curated by O. Berrgruen & N. Stampolidis

Photography by P. Tavitian and AKA


Winner of the International Audience Award
at the Global Fine Art Awards 2020

The exhibition “Picasso and Antiquity: Line and Clay” involved the curation of ceramic objects and drawings for ceramics by Picasso, which were placed in a thematic and iconographic dialogue with ceramics of antiquity.

Based on the formal characteristics of the museum’s elongated exhibition space, composed of a succession of small rooms, we created a linear path of similarly-proportioned bright display cases along its length, uniting the rooms visually, and combined with a number of free-standing plinths in dialogue with small drawings hanging on the walls.

The dialogue between Picasso’s creations and the ancient artifacts becomes the protagonist, as the space is stark white and underlit, enhancing the sense of serenity and concentration. The linear, luminous display cases are the main light source and unravel like a cinematic strip, attracting the eye to the objects. The ceramics within them are placed sparsely and thematically, selectively occupying white plinths depending on size, importance, and desired proximity to the viewer’s gaze. Textual descriptions on the walls are kept to a minimum, and the text is dark blue in color for a more discrete appearance.