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offAsklipiou, 25m2

Glyfada, Greece, 2022

Photography by Alina Lefa

We were tasked with transforming a 25 square meter garden bungalow into a functional, freshly renovated multifunctional space, which would operate as an extension to the main house. The structure originally served as a shed as well as a small guest house, but lacked the level of comfort and facilities required for it to be an independent space.

Mindful of the area and main building’s distinctive 1960s architectural characteristics, the design process was centred around the concept of assembling two spaces which would traditionally be separated by doors or walls, and simply distinguish them from one another through their particular materiality. We split the interior into two singular spaces: the dry area and the wet area. Drawing inspiration from the traditional use of stone-like materials in kitchens and bathrooms, and wood in working and lounging areas, we found a simple way of giving the space a strong character as well as a nostalgic feel.

The work/lounge area is entirely clad with walnut veneered plywood. Two large custom-built elements dominate the room, one on either side: a window-front desk nestled between two floor-to-ceiling cupboards, and a single bed which doubles as a couch. Two floor-to-ceiling bookshelves offer additional storage space, while echoing the overall design language of discreet asymmetry.

The kitchen and bathroom are strongly defined by the overwhelming presence of carefully selected terrazzo. The large jointless slabs of lightly black-specked terrazzo cover the floors and walls. The choice of this specific material alludes to the functional roots of such spaces, while pushing a more contemporary approach by the sheer volume of its use. The custom-built kitchen cabinets and drawers are designed in a checkered pattern of black and white panels. The bathroom is a simple functional space; black fixtures enhance the overall effect.

The garden was reworked as a third space. The hardscape was altered to create a more leveled and continuous line between the little garden house and its surroundings.