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Platonos, 80m2

Piraeus, Greece, 2016

Photography by Yiorgos Kordakis

These offices for a maritime and commercial law firm in Piraeus were approached as an opportunity to exercise our creative license by designing various aspects of the space.

The offices are divided by a central corridor, which became the focal point of our design. Two wide continuous lines of dark wood with shiny blue trim originate at the front entrance and traverse the space by assuming a variety of forms and functions: a magazine rack transitions into a door frame, which becomes a seat and a bookcase. Functions are different on either side of each wall.

A second set of uninterrupted blue lines is placed on the ceiling in the form of a lighting system, which maintains its continuity throughout the spaces due lowered sections of the partitions.

The desks and meeting table are custom made, adhering to the concept of continuous blue lines as their bases, and topped with black matte formica or dark wood, respectively.