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Kapsali, 1200m2

Athens, Greece, 2013

Photography by Ioanna Nikolareizi, Louisa Nikolaidou
and Joanna Pagalia

Located on Kapsali Street in Kolonaki, Athens, this neoclassical building of 1920 was renovated for the law firm POTAMITISVEKRIS. The building’s continual operation resulted in well-preserved façades, but its drastic changes in function devastated its interiors, stripping it of any authentic neoclassical elements.

Our intension was the harmonization of the building’s remaining neoclassical character with a new, fresh vocabulary, and the creation of a work environment supporting creative interaction and concentration, while reflecting a welcoming yet professional identity.

The design forms and language used, particularly for custom designed objects such as balustrades and door handles, are reminiscent of early 20th century Athenian art deco and early modernist buildings. The simple interiors feature a crisp color palette of dark green, off-black, flannel grey, straw beige and white. A combination of hard/reflective and soft/matte materials can be found throughout the building: polished dark green industrial flooring is combined with various shades of gray carpeting and upholstered felt wall panels, glass partitions and ornamented ceilings.

Free-standing glass partitions were erected to enhance physical and phenomenal transparency and the flow of natural light into every office. Vertical fabric blinds allow for privacy between offices.