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Lyre chair

Athens, Greece, 2015

Photography by Maria Marakis & Chris Kontos

Multiple mock-ups with an established local bamboo artisan resulted in this attractive, light, and ergonomic chair, whose overall dimensions and parametric curvature, coupled with the natural bounce of the material, perfectly adjusts to the body. It can be showcased as a singular, show-stopping object, or in multiples, linked to form a circular basket-like bench.

Our furniture and objects are small-scale architectural structures with the ability to become instant classics. Each piece is handcrafted using traditional artisanal techniques on handpicked natural materials, and is thus unique or available in limited editions. Captivated by the countless variations of shapes and combinations of materials, we are in a constant mode of creation and experimentation. Intrigued by the ability of antique furniture to become vessels of history by interpreting specific, often outdated uses, we seek to create objects that mirror a modern lifestyle, but are simultaneously timeless due to their sculptural, enigmatic geometry.