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Voulis, 12m2

Athens, Greece, 2019

Photography by Alina Lefa

Aiming to create a modern grocery store/vegetable stand that would host small-batch products and specialized produce from all over Greece, our design was based on the creation of an instantly recognizable object with a simple form that could be easily produced, transported and adapted to different spaces.

Relying on the logic of the honeycomb, we created a neutral, repetitive canvas for product placement: a metal piece of furniture that envelopes the space, consisting of open rectangular compartments and raised on thin metal legs, creating a feeling of lightness.  The multiple alternatives for placing and arranging the products results in the absence of a feeling of emptiness if a box is not ‘inhabited’.

Inspired by the color palette of kitchens from the 1950s, the unit can be colored in soft tones of glossy blue, green, yellow and off-white.